07 January, 2009

Fiber Day

January 7th is hailed as Distaff day, or the day women were to get back to the household chores. Men waited to go back to the fields until Plow Monday, but we all know that a woman's work is never done, so it makes sense that we started earlier than the man in days of past.
In today's age, the men better be doing the house work just as much as the women are, so this is something that we would scoff at. Instead, people who are into the fiber arts have taken to calling it St. Distaff day and spending the day doing some sort of a fiber process. Be that washing, combing, spinning, knitting, crocheting or weaving (or anything else you might do with it). So, today I am planning on playing with my spinning wheel some along with all of the other wonderful household chores I really need to attend to.

On the 3rd, the Sgt took me over to a knitting friends and bought me one of their wonderful swifts to use with my yarns. Yes, I already have a swift, but I had been drooling over these for about 7 months. It comes from Hornshaw Woodworks and I have their link on the side of my blog now. It is smooth in the way it spins and it measures the wool as I pull it off the plied bobbin.
Pictured on the swift is the last of my Wensleydale fiber. I was able to get 73 yards out of the second half and it looks just a bit better than the first. I am getting a little more even each
time. I know, it comes with practice.
I have increased my fiber stash some over the last week.
Ladybugknitter was destashing and gave MargoKP and I the wool I have been spinning along with a bunch of dyed leftovers of wool. I know spinning this up and plying it will make some fun yarn to knit with. Thank you !
Bams went to Sheering day down at a local farm, Shady Side Farms and picked me up a ball of Polypay wool and two skeins of Sport weight millspun yarn that I will dye up and make into a pair of house socks for me.
I am still reading book two and will hopefully get finished with that tonight. I love quick reads.
Podcast Episode 16 is up and ready to download. Mypodcast.com is having server issues, so be patient with the download please. Or you can go here and get it on your computer, quick and easy, but not as portable.

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