24 January, 2009

Ravelry Folks are the Best!!

My son just brought me the mail for today. It contained a priority mail mail box from a much warmer state than what I live in.
Andrea, DNA Price on Ravelry mailed me a get well package.
The card made me laugh,Card frontCard inside
Here is what was in the box:
Get well Package
I love the yarn, it will keep me busy as will the books (5 and 6 of the 52 I am planning this year *grin*.)
Spin off was one I have been sending my son all over looking for. He thinks I am nuts and as a knitter you understand me completely. The coffee beans will help me when I can finally get up and around more and give me energy.
Andrea,you are wonderful to have thought of me with this get well package.
Thank you again!

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