25 January, 2009

How my Sunday went

A day of rest, yeah that is what Sunday is supposed to be. I have rested some, but I feel like I also completed a bunch today.
First thing this morning I soaked and whacked my hand spun yarns. One is the Joseph's Coat from before, the other, white yarn, I spun up last night. It is Corridale and almost 80 yards before whacking, I want to measure after and see if there is a difference. I have been told that it straightens out the twist and sets it longer when you use this technique.
Hand Spun

On a Ravelry board, Crock pot Lovers, FrawgQueen had posted a recipe for Orange Chicken. I made that today for dinner.
Easy recipe that can be found here and here is how the chicken starts (I did frozen chicken breasts) and finished. Four hours on high in the crock with a liner.
the start of orange chickenFinished orange chicken
Going to serve it with steamed veggies and white rice.

I organized my circular needles
Circ Mess Mini Circ tote
I want to get a real organizer for the needles that will allow them not to be wrapped up. I don't have room to hang one on the wall, but I don't like having to straighten them each time I want to use them. I do have a set of options as well, but they are in their wonderful binder case.

I finished my one row scarf. I made it into a neck warmer with two buttons and only used one skein of the Encore chunky.
1 row neck warmer- openOne row new warmer - buttonedOne row neck Warmer
I am not sure who I will give this to yet.

The cats and I had fun doing all of these things, here is how they helped:

King Tut Kept a watch out for when the sun went down
and Mr. Spotters kept my computer chair warm.
King Tut Mr. Spotters

My son was doing stuff around the house all day. Dishes, floors, bathrooms, living room dusting and vacuuming...yes he was paying me back for something. hm mm what else can I tack on?

Hope you all had as good a day as I did.


Lori H said...

Wow -- your yarn is looking awesome. What a great idea -- making the scarf into a neck warmer!

My Sweet Side said...

I loved your podcasts ! Thanks !!!