02 January, 2009

Good Bye Socks, Hello Spinning

Goodbye to an old friend

These socks, made from Socks that rock yarn that I bought from Loft at the Michigan fiber fest in August of 2007. I made the socks up in November of 2007 using the Slinky Socks pattern. Yes, I actually used a pattern for these.
I found I loved the way the socks fit on my feet and the mushiness of the wool. I did not care for how my feet made the socks full/felt though. I do not have overly wet feet and I am not sure why they did this, but it got to the point that even when hand washed, I had to block the socks to stretch them to make them fit my feet again.
I am sure this is why in just over a year these socks have gone to the great sheepherder in the sky. I could have darned them, yes, I still have wool, but the way the bottom has felted it would have been pointless. Instead, this gives me reason to finish a pair I have going, or better start another pair of socks for me.

Yes another pair of socks for me.
Reason, I gave away the last four pairs I had made for Christmas.
Well I needed gifts and they love my socks.
How was I supposed to say no?
Could you?

Yes, I have a new tag to add to my blog.
Yesterday I set the NYCO down for a few minutes and spun up wool on my new spinning wheel. I used Wensleydale wool top, given to me by Ladybugknitter. Yummy long strand wool was ok to spin with as a beginner. I had a lot less problems keeping it steady and somewhat even than I have had with the Merino, I was trying. I am told it is Staple length and the longer is better for newbie’s like me. Here is 50 yards that I have washed and hung dry over night.
First Babe Spin


ToadyJoe said...

So what're you going to make with that Wensleydale? I bought a hunk of it online, and when it got here all I could think was UCK! It's so coarse! Yours looks softer than mine, but maybe that's because it's spun up? I don't even want to spin mine - or didn't, til I saw yours.

Lori H said...

Looks great -- glad the Wensleydale worked out for you :)

Coggie said...

Not sure yet wheat I am going to make. I think I have enough left to make up two more bobbings, so another 100 yards or 50 yards plied. Yes if I was better it would stretch further, but this is me. I am thinking with 100 yards total I might get a hat or a short pair of fingerless gloves. Not sure, it needs to talk to me more.

It is on the rougher side of soft, but for learning to spin it is awesome! I have a hard time drafting and doing the treadle, I know it will come with time, but I predrafted the fiber and just spun, it was wonderful.

dnaprice said...

Yay!!!! You got a spinning wheel. I'm so excited for you! Have Fun with it.