06 January, 2009

Book 1 Finished

1 out of 52 CHECK

Knit one, kill two was a quick read. I nice story to relax to but not heavy enough to not be able to set it down and get things done around the house. I started Needled to death today. I like how the books flow with a mystery, a couple patterns and a recipe at the end.

I am about 6 inches in on the NYCO Sweater for the Sgt. and got a bit bored while knitting it, so I cast on a pair of Knotty gloves (Ravelry link. I am using sock yarn that I bought at Threadbear about two years ago. I lost the ball band so I have no idea what yarn it is, but I am pretty sure it is super-wash wool.

I need to say happy birthday to my daughter. She turned 17 on the 5th, her party is on the 18th so more to come on that, but I know she reads this so *sticks out tongue* see I post about you Boo.


NikkiB said...

I love those Knitting Mystery books. I've read them all and I enjoyed each of them!!! I think there are five now, so make sure you read them all in order and the story will make sense.

If you need more ideas, I've been reading some great books lately, just let me know!!!

auburnchick said...

Oh gosh...what a fabulous glove pattern! I do so love cables!

Happy birthday to your daughter! My daughter also turns 17...on the 22nd! Fun stuff...this growing up thing, eh?