01 January, 2009

New Year Cast On

Happy 2009, whereever you are. May this year be everything we hope it to be and more.

On New Years Eve, I cast on for the sweater I am making for the Sgt. It is the Seamless Hybrid Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I have made a few of EZ's patterns up and know that you are supposed to follow diligently and not question the pattern and from that, you will end up with a beautiful finished project. There fore when I pulled out the Henley sweater shirt that the Sgt loves and measured it, I did not blink at the 25 inches across the front that I got. I looked at my swatch and read that I have five stitches to the inch and I cast on 250 stitches. I started knitting, went, checked the Ravelry boards about EZ patterns, and was assured that it looks big, but the man will love it. I had a few twinges of wonder if I should cast on 4 stitches per inch instead or if I should ask the Sgt about how he feels, but no, I told the gut feeling to go away and continued to knit 250 stitches round and round. I joined for the hem and continued for a bit, then headed over to friends for a New Years gathering with lots of games and a bit of alcohol.

I am not sure if it was too much Baileys or not paying attention to the yarn, but I twisted my knitting about 2 inches in. I think some knitting God was watching over me at the point, because when I took it off the cable needle and held it up to hubby before frogging it, it was huge. I mean huge in the way that this sweater would have fit me, not him. Anyone who has seen us together knows there is a reason I say we are a perfect 10 together...need I say more?
Anyway, I had learned a lesson. I had had worries about the size, but went along with EZ on measuring the favorite sweater and then casting on per your gauge. Yeah, making a 50-inch sweater for a man with a less than 30-inch waist is just wrong.
I recast on for a 40-inch sweater, I will increase a bit before the chest area as the Sgt's Chest is 40 inches and I do not want the sweater form fitting, so increases at the side will be worked in. Then make the sleeves figured out on how big his arms are plus a bit of ease, (I will see how it compares to the EPS when I do it). I want this to fit him and somehow, someone up there, knew this.

I hope, if you are knitting or crocheting your own NYCO, that you have a wonderful time with it.

Book 1: Knit one, Kill two: in progress

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