12 December, 2008

I don't get it

This morning I went to make a pot of tea. I picked out Lemon Ginger tea bags by Stash and prepared the pot while the water boiled in the kettle, then I looked around for my honey, yes I like honey in my tea, and my poor bear is empty. So, knowing we have had KFC in the last couple of weeks, I looked for the zip-lock that I store the honey packets in. I found it in the cupboard and found out it is "Honey Sauce". This made me curious, What is Honey Sauce? Well, they add High Fructose Corn syrup, Sugar, Corn Syrup (yes again) Honey (well hey they have to have a littel right?) and caramel color to produce "Honey Sauce".

I am floored. Honey is the perfect food, it is the only food proven to never spoil. Yes it can crystallize, but heat it back up and it is honey again. There is no processing of honey, just let it drip out of the comb and you can use it. I prefer mine strained, but that is a choice. Why do you have to add corn syrup and sugar to honey? Is it not sweet enough on it's own? Is it to make it cheaper, or is it because everything these days has to have corn in it?

Just sharing why I am scratching my head today.

Oh, I finished my BSJ
and made a hat to go with it
I have a bit of the yarn left over and am thinking of making matching booties, but I am not sure if that will be variegated overkill or not.

I started the Old Shale Smoke Ring while I was at college yesterday. We had presentations and had to attend them, even though I had given mine on Tuesday. So, I took the time there to knit up a bit. Don't look too closely! I am off by one stitch on one round, all the way, but shh don't tell anyone. Oh and I am so not ripping back! Old Shale Smoke Ring and wow is that color off, the yarn is Ranco by Araucania in Teal green. I am loving how easy this pattern works up. yes even with the oops in it.

I did receive my MA Anniversary swap scarf in the mail this week. Branching out by Meghan I had sent my partner a skein of Malabrigo lace to my scarf out of and she did a wonderful job making me the Branching out scarf. She also sent along a few goodies for me Gift from MA Swap a wonderful Winter candle holder and two yummy smelling candles as well as a fuzzy pair of slipper socks.
Thank you so much Megan, I hope you are enjoying your scarf as well :)

Now I am off to study for my last final tomorrow morning.

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Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Lots of fabulous projects love the hat neat pattern:)Hugs Darcy