09 December, 2008

Hey imagine that, a knitting post

I actually finished a few projects!

My Coffee socks
Coffee Socks
Made with just a basic top down sock design with a modified star toe and a heel flap.

I also finished (except for buttons) my first BSJ
OK I also need to weave in the ends...
I can see why everyone gets addicted to these sweaters. I made this one out of Miss Priss by Schaffer Yarn, yummy!!
I cast on for a Ruffle hat to go with the jacket as a set for a new addition to our family. My son's girl friend had a baby girl yesterday evening. We went and saw the little peanut (she isn't much bigger than a peanut at 6LBS 2 OZ) she is adorable and I will claim her along with her brothers (5 and 3 yrs old) as my bonus grand babies. Just as good as biograndkids, here by choice, not by birth. Before this little girl comes over for the first time I need to get a few more items of woolie goodness made up for her... yes she will be spoiled... oh and I need to knit for her brothers too, though I think what Santa is dropping here for them they will like better than mittens.
OK, enough of the first brag fest of the pseudoGramma, I will get photos when I can.


Lori H said...

Such a cute sweater -- I'm sure it will go well with a cute new baby :) Congrats on the pseudo grandbaby!

1to1 said...

That yarn looks great as a BSJ!!!

Jenny Girl said...

Nice job on both. The BSJ is adorable!