12 December, 2008

I have a wonderful

She came home tonight with a treat for me. She brought home three different kinds of popcorn and one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time...White Christmas with Bing. I love most of his movies and she knows that.
Hope you count your blessings tonight!


Megan said...

That is my favorite Christmas movie. I'm going to watch it as a reward as soon as I finish my finals.

Lori H said...

I love that movie. I also like Holiday Inn too :) Enjoy.

margokp said...

That's my favorite too! Love anything with Bing.. and Ginger too of course. Because she dances backwards ... and in heels.

Jenny Girl said...

How awesome is she? Hope you had a great weekend :)
love White Christmas. And the Bells of St. MAry's