17 November, 2008

Beginnings and Endings

We had a long fall here with lots of wonderful colors. This weekend we had a bit of fluffy snow that didn't stick, but looked pretty. Well, I woke up this morning to big flaky snow flakes that finally decided to stick. Fall is done,winter has Begun here in West Michigan.

Everyone knows this is not my favorite time of year, but I have to admit that it is very pretty.

I received my swap package #2 from my ThreadBear Swap Partner Kim. Thank you so much, you spoiled me!!

The Essentials yarn from KnitPicks is more of a purple color than it shows in the picture and oh so wonderful. She sent teas, Chocolate, a Bookmark, Washcloths, Key chains ( one pewter that says Canada and the Red sock one that has Canada on it, it will be perfect inside my purse for my cell phone). I love the Journal, always need more of those and she sent two crocheted starched angels for my Christmas tree. Funny, she didn't know I collect angels and she sent them anyways. One had a tag on it that showed second prize in a fair entry, with how beautiful it is first must have been amazing. Kim also sent a wonderful red and black cafe mug, it is not shown as it was washed quickly and filled with tea.
Thank you again you are an awesome swap partner and if ever you are down my way, holler, we will meet up and have tea :)
Another Finish I have this week, the Walking on Love Socks are finally done!
I used My Vanilla Socks pattern, changing it to a short row heel and a side decrease toe.

I think I have enough of the yarn left over to make a set of baby booties still, so the walk goes on.
Here I have them blocked on Special hanging blockers from Hornshaw Woodworks. The blockers are only $19.95 and available on their Etsy Site.
They are available in three sizes, mine are large. The hangers let the air flow around the socks and helps them dry faster as well as getting them up off the top of your dryer, freeing up space while you do your wash. I love them.

I have to show my helpers. They helped with the photo shoot of the socks.


and Smokey the cat


Megan said...

omg, those kittens are too cute!

It snowed here in upstate New York this morning too, but it was gone by the time I was out my first class.

Lori H said...

Love the Love socks!

Jenny Girl said...

Those socks are awesome! I love them.