19 November, 2008

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

I have to go shopping for the food I plan to make for Thanksgiving. I don't normally use my blog as a shopping list, so I won't this time either. I am going to use this as a place to organize what I need to do to be organized for the day.

I do need to go shopping so making a menu seems to be the correct place to start.

Appitizers: (we have a bunch of these, as we really use it as lunch while we watch football)

Bacon Wrapped Chestnuts - I found this recipe a year or so ago out of Rachel Rays magazine, so good

Cheese and cracker platter - I do a sharp cheddar cheese, smoked Gouda, Swiss, and warm brie. The crackers are Ritz, club and sesame crackers

Pickle & olive platter- Bread & butter , Dill and sweet pickles. Spanish, black and garlic stuffed olives

Onion wraps- Ham wrapped around a slice of cream cheese and a stalk of green onion

Pigs in a blanket - little smokies wrapped in crescent roll slices and BBQ sauce for dipping

Main Dinner:

Turkey (10- 12 lbs will do) I stuff with herbs and a lemon I have put slices into. I baste with whiskey.



Sweet Potatoes with butter, brown sugar and spices

Green bean casserole


Mom's Cranberry relish (recipe will be posted on this weeks show-notes)

Hawaiian rolls


Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream

Caramel Apple Salad


Tea, Soda, Coffee and Wine

Next, I need to pull out the tablecloth that I use each year and get it ironed for this year and find a game for us to play after the football games.

Do you have a special food you make on Thanksgiving?


margokp said...

why don't you play.... where's the yarn? or count the yarn? or where did I hide the yarn? or match the skeins of yarn? or name that yarn?

Coggie said...

Funny !! A-HA ha ha !!LOL