15 August, 2008

Ravelympics Gold

I have earned Gold, well at least in my head I have. I have now finished both of my projects that I listed for participation on Ravelry Here is my Einstein Coat, finished at 11 pm and soaking in a bath by 11:45 last night. This photo is pre-blocking, so I will take another once it is done drying. Einstein Coat

Good News!!!

A friend and I are going on a new diet, I can't talk about it right now,(she has more info on it than I do) but as soon as I get down how it works and how much I am loosing, I will let you all know more. Wish us luck.

Help Needed!!!

Ten people have crocheted up my "Little sock Bag" on Ravelry, and a bunch more have added it to their queue. I think that is so exciting. I have been inspired to write up a few of the other patterns people have been asking me for. One of them is written up but I need test knitters. You need lace weight yarn and 1200 beads. If you want to help, please let me know. It is basic knitting with a twist, so nothing major.

Yummy Yarn Porn!!!

BammerKT, a friend from knit night, has started selling her yarn. It is super yummy! Here is her Etsy shop . She is the lady who put on the dyeing workshop I went to in June and I love the way she plays with color. That Parrot Bay sock yarn is to die for! 750 yds for only $35.00 can I say YUM again.


Yes that would be me. For the next two weekends I will be around Fiber people and not the oddball out having needles or hooks in my hands at all times. Tomorrow I am attending the Michigan Fiber Festival. I plan to look at wheels and feel up fiber. About lunch time, I plan to go to the Ravelry meet up and see people who are really as addicted as I am, then later in the day I plan to plop out my folding chair and knit or spin until I get tired. If you are around, please join me. I will be wearing my button, so look for the fat and happy lady and bring a chair over.

Next Weekend, I am attending Stitches Mid West . Again I will be surrounded by people as obsessed as I am and this time it is like a sleep over party for adults. Yes we all have our own rooms, but Yummy fiber, Fun gadgets, classes and cocktails all mixed together, can you say heaven *huge grin*. There is a Ravelry meet up on Thursday, but I will not be going until Friday. So, a bunch of us decided to have a drink on Saturday night about 8 at the hotel. I will also be meeting up with people from the She-knits group and the Stitch-it group as well as a few ladies I have had the fun of swapping with.
I will try to resist the market, though I will be shopping some, and the class I am taking is all about designing, so more to come on that later :)

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