14 August, 2008

Tests the spinning waters

Bam came over and let me play with her wheel. It was so fun. Yes, I am becoming a spinning fool. I will be more of one this weekend at the Michigan Fiber fest. But, here are pictures of my first(wheel) spinning1st time on a wheel and of the yarn I pulled off the bobbin onto my spindle. Wheel spun/drop spun I am also holding the spindle of my drop spinning. I will still be doing this for a while, as I cannot afford a wheel right now, but I will begin my search and learn as much as I can before deciding on what I want to buy.
Bams wheel is an Ashford Traveler. It has a double treadle, which I am sure I want so I can use either leg. This also has a double drive and worked so smoothly. The Fiber I used was from Ladybugknitter, the same was used on both the wheel and the drop spindle.
I was going to take the yarns outside to get a sunlight photo, but when I opened the door, this Handsome grasshopper was suction cupped to my storm door, so I decided not to disturb him.Big Bug!
I will be taking notes on Saturday and will post about what I learned.

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