17 August, 2008

Michigan Fiber Festival 2008

The Michigan Fiber Festival is in Allegan, Michigan, which is only about 40 minutes from my house. So of course since learning about this a few years ago, I have gone every year. Normally I use the trip to plan my project for the year. I buy many sweaters and projects worth of yarn and knit happily all year long getting done with everything before the next year.


Okay back to reality here...

I have so many projects in my queue and so much yarn in my stash, that this year I was able to take a break from the shopping and enjoy the festival.
The first people I ran into that I knew were Bammer and Lakesideknitter from knit group. Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (35) The pink ball of fiber will be made into something special for the little one that LSK is cooking now. These ladies are ones I meet up with each Monday night and have come to call them friends. I also saw most of the other knit nighters’ at the festival Just forgot to grab photos of everyone, *sigh bad blogger*

I went to the meet up for Ravelry at lunch time, where I saw a few people I had seen online. Was I a good blogger and get everyone’s name written down... why no, no I was not. But if you see yourself in these pictures, feel free to snag them and please let me know your name so I can edit the post.
Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (5)I know on the left is Barbara from Marrhaven farms, and the Gentleman is Tim who is a wonderful knitter and a sometimes visitor to our knit nights. (edit: Sheri is the lady with the Chicken legs)

Here Tim is window shopping a wheel later in the day, I just love his shirt, "Man enough to knit, Strong enough to purl" Right on !!
Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (27)

Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (6)
I met up with bethanyg and passed her the charity baby blanket I had finished for the Stitchit! podcast group.
Later in the day I met up with fellow Raveler Sassypurlgirl,
Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (30)

and because of a discussion of her Ravatar on Ravelry, here is her reenactment of it...
Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (31)

Because I really wasn't shopping, I was able to meet more people while I sat under a wonderful shade tree and we chatted it up a bit. These ladies, Pat, Phillis and B J asked me about my socks Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (29) they are holding the sock I cast off while talking to them. We talked a bit and I promised to write up my pattern and post it when I am finished :) new Ravelry friends too YAY!

When I did go back to the shops, I tired out a couple of wheels here I am with a Joy, Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (3)
but more on wheels in a later blog, I am doing research.

I also got to compare sock knitting machines, even the demonstrator agreed, mine is more portable.
Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (11)

Deborah and I headed out to the animals then, as last year I took photos of the lambs and ramsMichigan Fiber Festival 2008 (33)
this year we decided to pet the llamas
Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (12)Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (13)

Alpacas, arn't they so stylish with the do's

Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (16)

and Rabbits, (I want a rabbit, now to work on hubby)

Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (26)

Then back to the market to pet more wool.
Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (34)

There was even some wool I decided not to pet

Michigan Fiber Festival 2008 (14)

It was a fun filled day, If I wrote everything; I would be here all day.

I did get home in time to see Michael Phelps win his 8th gold in this summers' Olympics, YAY for him! I am sad that swimming is over though, eye candy is always nice.

Tomorrow I start my High Fiber Diet with a friend, will let you all know how it goes :)


Barbara said...

So glad to meet you and thanks for remembering my name. I wish I could have stayed longer at the meetup to see more people. course everything at festival is too short in time, right?
Barb Marr

Coggie said...

You are so right.
I enjoyed meeting you also.

Jill said...

Well I missed it didn't know about the meet up but when I read Marr haven blog and seen your name I wanted to say HI!! Jill

Sheri said...

It was certainly fun to meet everyone! I'm the "knit wit" on the end next to Tim, holding The Chicken Legs. :)