08 August, 2008

Olympics..Ravelympic...Hugs from above

I am not a huge sports fan, let me start off by saying that. I watch Football when hubby wants to, I watch Nascar when we decide to, I went to the High School games because my son or daughter is playing in them. Sports is not something that rules my world. But the Olympics are a different story. Okay I will admit I am a bit of an Olympic geek. I am the kind of person who has to watch the Olympics from start to finish and I get cranky if anyone gets in my way of doing so, just ask my MIL about the winter games two years ago. This all started when I was little. I remember we didn't have a TV in the house when I was growing up. My father made sure we had a TV and an antenna to watch the Olympics. The first one I remember with any clarity was the '76 winter games.
We were living in Stockton, California and we watched the games on an old console. We stayed glued to the set for the two weeks it was on, then the summer games
came on and we, as a family, did that all over again.
I remember my father talking about how he tried out for the Olympics in speed skating, but barely missed it. I remember my mother crocheting afghans for us kids while the TV was going. I remember lots of crock pot meals and pressure cooked potatoes during that time. There were not a lot of times growing up that we came together for something as a family, I have a rather large family, but the Olympics were the thing that brought us together.
When the Olympics came to the USA
the next go round, we not only watched, but cheered, cried (remember the hockey game)and again had family time. Or in '84 when again the USA hosted in LA and not only did we watch it as a family, but we lived through the trials of the Los Angeles Freeway system overload. The little bit of hassle was well worth it.
Over the years each Olympic games has brought me joy in the watching and given hope to me, that the world can come together and be nice.
Now, not only am I able to watch the Olympics in Beijing but I am also part of the Ravelympics on Ravelry. While I am watching the games and rooting for the good ol USA, I will be competing in the WIP Wrestling event trying to finish two large projects I have going. One is the February Lady Sweater, that I have to finish to wear to Stitches Midwest in two weeks and the other is a UFO from last year, my Einstein Coat.
The coat holds dear memories for me. Right after my father past away, I got a check from his life insurance company. It seems when I was small he took out a small policy in the event he would not be around when I was being raised, you see, Dad was in his 50's when I was born. I didn't get much, but it was more than I expected. I decided to treat myself as dad would have wanted me to and purchase the Options needles from Knit Picks and enough yarn to make me this coat again. When I hold it on my needles, I feel like I can think of dad in a positive way, I can grieve, I can laugh, I can just be. I know when I am done with the coat every time I wear it I will feel my father hugging me. I chose to finish this coat as a testament to him trying out for the games so many years ago in Lake Placid, NY. (way earlier than the 80's games) I want him to be part of these games.
So, now I am off to compete for a blog medal, a chance to finish two projects in two weeks, a chance to enjoy the games and a chance to have dad hold me again.
Hugs and stitches to all. GO TEAM USA!!!

ETA: I got to give the Ravelympics Oath *excitement* In the name of all the competitors, I promise that we shall take part in these Ravelympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, committing ourselves to a sport without Copyright infringment and with lots of yarn, in the true spirit of fiberworks, for the glory of finished product and the honor of our teams.

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