06 August, 2008

The Lazy Daze of Summer

That is the whole reason for no posts between mid July and now. The lazy daze of summer came over me. I have been spending a bunch of my time catching rays over a friend’s house. She has a built in pool, in my opinion it is so much better than heading to the sandy beach to lay out on, plus, my round body is not mistaken for a beach ball or whale at the pool *GRIN*.
Both of my kids now have jobs, yay for employment. That means I feel even more like a slacker as I have not even signed up for fall classes at college yet. I really do need to do that because one of these days I need to graduate and become an adult, with a career, eek. I have been doing a bit of taxiing for the kids when I need the car, and they will give it up.
I have been sort of productive with my knitting and crochet while at the pool, Inga's crocheted bag I finished "Inga's crocheted bag". I made it out of Red Heart scraps I had. Figured it would be great for bathing suits and towels.
I finished the Carie Lynn bag Carie Lynn Bag but will make another and try to stay closer to the directions. It is very sturdy, but a bit wonky, I know it is my knitting and felting, not the design.
My summer Swap came in Summer Swap wrapped and King Tut just had to inspect everything to make sure mom would be okay. He really liked the Roving, he had good taste it is merino mmmm Summer Swap open
Now on my needles full time is the February Lady Sweater, that I want to wear at Stitches. I am loving the way it knits up so fast and am already to the sleeves.
I have also joined, over on Ravelry, the Ravelympics. I am participating in the WIP Wrestling, in which I plan to finally finish my Einstein Coat. Not a challenge knit wise for me, but a challenge size wise in 16 days, when part of those days will be spent at the Michigan Fiber Fest and at Stitches Midwest. So really only 12 days for me to finish it up in.
I am excited by how many people have started or qued up my little sock bag, and I think I will be writing up some patterns for things I have made in the past. My circle sweater, Lacy Baby blanket and a few others are itching to have other people crochet or knit them up.
If you are going to any knit/crochet/fiber meet up, I am still selling my buttons. Please leave a comment here or on Ravelry to get more info about them.
Hugs all,


Lori H said...

Can't wait to see some pics of the February Lady sweater -- I love the look of that pattern :) I hope to see some more of your patterns online soon too!

BammerKT said...

My mom offered to make me the sock bag after I linked to it from my blog! (yay me, I get a new sock bag). You gotta write up your other patterns!

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, I think your kitty's just gorgeous! Have a soft spot in my heart for orange cats; when I was little my mom used to tell me they were "Irish".

Coggie said...

ok ok, I will look at writing up more of my patterns, I promise :) Thank you for the comments.
Anonymous, King Tut thanks you for the compliment.