10 August, 2008

Wool Grows

I finished my February Lady Sweater last night and prior to blocking, I took a photo.
February Lady Sweater
I had used just a bit over 5 skeins of Chaco wool and loved the way it fit, except that the arms were a bit short.
Well washing helped that. The whole sweater grew in length by about 6 inches.
FLS After Blocking
I do like the length of the sleeves now, I am just not sure if I like the way the stockinette grew on the top, down to my waist.
It does cover all my bumpy bits (tummy, hips and bum) so that can be a good thing.
Please tell me truthfully, does it look good? Should I wear it at Stitches? or should I just knit another one?

1 comment:

Jillsknit said...

Step away from the needles! The sweater looks perfect and I'll wear it to stitches if you don't want to!!!