03 May, 2008

Thank you Friends

Hello all,
Thank you for buying buttons, they are fun to make up, and I feel like I am doing a service and helping Ravelry in return. As posted earlier in my blog, I have begun making meet up buttons for Ravelry members. I have had 46 button orders so far. More Buttons A few people have been surprised at the size of the button being as big as it is. It is a 2 1/4 inch button. I use your ravatar and your rav name and make up the button, then send it off. Again, my PayPal is coggietm@hotmail.com the costs are $2.00 per button plus shipping. All this is listed two blog posts down.

A Few more thank yous in the fiber world this week.

Silja, in Norway, you are awesome!! She asked on Ravelry if anyone could send a skein of a couple different yarns she had not used yet. I responded about Cascade 220. I had two skeins of pink lying around. She asked me what I wanted for it, I told her to surprise me. OH heck yeah she did!! She sent me a DPN case, a skein of yarn from Estonia that I had never heard of and a bunch of stitch markers. The markers are already in use on a secret project, so no photo of them , sorryDPN case and Wool from EstoniaDpn case open I discovered in filling the DPN case, I need to purchase size 4's, guess I don't use them much. The case also has my name on it, WONDERFUL! MIL cannot steal it ;) Thank you, Silja!

Barb, Ragdoll on Ravelry sent with my MIL's Valentines package a set of stitch markers for me. I finally got them this week, they are beautiful! Here they are being used on my Barn Raising Quilt Square. Barn Raising Quit Square I think I might put these on some earring holders and wear them. I might be ordering more from her.
Thank you!

Trish, BammerKT on Ravelry is one of the women I meet up with on Monday nights. We have formed a nice group and sit, drink coffee/tea, and laugh a lot. A few of us have also gone to a couple of excursions together. It is great this group of people. Well, last Monday she was working with some hand spun Hand dyed yarn, making socks. I commented on it and said it was lovely, Trish gave me enough of it to make socks out of!!! Sock WoolThis is awesome. Thank you so much Trish. I need to find a good pattern, finish the two socks on my dpn's and cast on soon. You are wonderful.

Without knitting, I am sure I would not have the friends I have. Knitting lets, me be me and it is the beginning of many conversations. My friends are wonderful people and I think each of them make me a better person. Thank you all.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I thought Casey and Jess were decidedly against people using the *trademarked* Ravelry name. I know they're against people using their logo, as discussed in this thread. I can only imagine they feel the same about their name.

Coggie said...

Actually, I cleared this through Casey before I began. As long as I don't use the symbol and actual Ravelry trademark, it is ok.
Thank you for being concerned.

Alpaca Granny said...

Coggie, I really, really need a couple Ravelry buttons. How do I do this? My Ravelry ID is:
Would it be possible to have:
NorthStarAlpacas (written together)

Coggie said...

Hi Maple,
I PMed you on Ravelry about this :)