17 May, 2008

Busy weeks

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it has been hectic here. Not only the normal everyday life of college, kids and husband, but events galore! I love being this busy, but it does make it hard to find time to chat it up online.
I am happy to announce that my son's choir has taken "Best in State" this year and in doing that, they got to perform at the Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This is part of Western Michigan State College. We spent all day, May 9, there. The ensemble "Sweet Harmony" Preformed in the early afternoon and the Chamber Choir preformed in the evening at the Gala Event. The kids sounded wonderful and looked great.
Sweet Harmony :Youth Arts Festival: State
Chamber Choir: Youth Arts Festival: State
I am so proud of all of them.

On Wednesday, a few knitters and I headed to Lansing for a Stitch-n-Pitch. We stopped by ThreadBear on the way to the ballpark. Trish loved the Cookie A pattern socks: Stitch n pitch 1
Taleah purchased sock yarn for her first pair of socks: Stitch n pitch 2
Val loved the yarn Stitch n pitch 4
and Deborah, was in Heaven with the sock/lace yarns: Stitch n pitch 3
After about an hour, we headed over to Oldsmobile Park. We met up with Matt and Rob (owners of ThreadBear)outside the gate and the ladies helped them with the boxes of goodie bags.Goodie Bag from Stitch-n-pitch
Each goodie bag contained: a crochet or knit magazine from Interweave, a tofusies swatch and small bag from SWTC,a Pattern( mine is for Passion Flower Socks by Sandy Kolher), 2 skeins of Persia Yarn, a sample of soak, a ChiaoGoo crochet hook and the cutest baseball stitch marker. Goodies from Stitch-n-Pitch
Once inside, we were directed to the Tailgate area for our dinner. We had Hamburgers, hotdogs, Brats, BBQ Chicken, potato and macaroni salads, beans, corn and cookies, what a feast. It did start to rain while we were under the cover of the picnic area, but we all just pulled out our knitting and waited, Oh Darn! Stitch n pitch 5Stitch n pitch 6Stitch n pitch 8
I got a picture with Big Lug, the LugNuts mascot (GO NUTS!) Stitch n pitch 9 We had an awesome time.
Then on Thursday I won a chef for the night: Yes, a man came into my house and took over my kitchen and cooked for me, my family and Aunt Deb. Wonderful!!!Chef for the night 1 His Name is Mark and he even does dishes! Chef for the night 2 He made Grease-less fried chicken, Broccoli, corn, carrots, Potatoes with onions and a peach cobbler. All of it was wonderful.Chef for the night 4Chef for the night 5 During this I learned about cookware , Hubby bought me a new cookware set and I learned that I never want to eat anything from a microwave again. Well, in moderation at least. We are going microwave less for a month here at home, which is hard for me, as I actually cook in the microwave, not reheat. However, in the two days since the class/free chef session, I do feel a bit better. We shall see how the controlled experiment works out.
On the knitting/crocheting front,
I started a baby blanket in woolease for my, across the street neighbor last night, I would put up a photo, but my son has my camera at a grad party right now. The color is just natural, as she doesn’t know if it is a boy or a girl. I am using the Lion Brand Pattern 5 1/2 hour afghan, but using a size N hook instead of an S and only two strands. I should be done tonight.
I finished my Beaded Belle Bag for Socks, I have just blocked it earlier today Beaded Belle, Blocking and will add the lining tomorrow.
I also finished my Duets socks, and I think after hearing things, I am going to mail them off to a friend from online as a RAK. Blocking the Duets and here is a close up of the star toe and after thought heel.Star toe and Afterthought heel
I started on the socks that Trish had spun up and given me, They are knitting up awesome.
Well, that was my last couple of weeks, I hope yours was just as good.

PS, I added info about the buttons on the sidebar at the top. Please let people know I am making these. Thank you.


Lori H said...

Congrats to the choir! Glad you had fun at the ballgame -- wish I would have went. Looks like I need to put Threadbear on my list of places to visit -- looks like an awesome store!

Coggie said...

Oh yes, If you are ever in Lansing it is a destination point. There are a few other yarn stores in the area also, and I swear one day I will visit them. :)