02 May, 2008


Last weekend was Prom weekend here in Grand Haven. My son is a senior and my daughter is dating a senior, so both kids had to get dressed up and be formal for the evening.
Differences between Daughter and son being formal....

Daughter is in painting her nails and making sure her nail polish matches her dress.
Son is in on the Xbox chattering away with other kids playing a war game.

Daughter is ready to go pick up flowers, grab lunch and get updo done.
Son is still playing Xbox.

Daughter gets updo done We get flowers and head to the store for last minute lipstick that she needs.
Son, Now watching a movie.

Daughters boyfriend comes to pick her up for pictures here, at his house and at the beach before dinner and the prom

Son is still watching his movie

Son finally gets into his tux and gets ready to go pick up not one, but two dates for the evening. They have decided to go as friends. I had to tell him I needed pictures before he left.

My daughter also got a photo of him with his two ladies during the prom.
About midnight, my daughter called and said her purse had been ripped into and all her money for after prom was stolen, We went to the dance and talked to the police, nothing could be done about, I hope someone had an awful time with that money.
My daughter came home, got changed , got money off my hubby and headed back out for the night of after prom fun.
After Prom here is a blast for the kids, They are able to buy a pass and go bowling, to the Ymca, where events like laser tag and adult bounce is set up, Restaurants serve Pronto-pups (corn dog like things) and breakfast, the local trolley drives them around. It is awesome for kids and parents don't have to worry about their teenagers going off and getting drunk because this is well supervised.

630 am
Both Daughter and son were home and in bed.
I was very tired on Sunday!

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