25 April, 2008

Buttons, Name Tags & the Post Office

After going to the post office earlier this week, I figured I was good on mailing the buttons out in a business size envelope with bubble wrap. Therefore, I made up all the orders I had received and took them to the local post office for processing. UGG! I was told they could not be processed as they were packaged. So, I asked how they would like me to process them. They want them in a ready-made bubble wrap envelope at least 4x6 inches. I then made sure this was exactly what I needed by having them ask the postmaster. I was not making problems; I just want to follow the rules...just not have the rules change on me the next time I try to mail off buttons. I can see their point of the buttons having a sharp pin and it could be hazardous to the Postal carriers. I like Postal carriers, so I want to keep them safe.
Again, here is the picture of my Ravater Button:
My button

Because of the new envelopes and a higher shipping price, I am going to have change the amounts charged.

**For the buttons, it will still be $2.00 each.
Shipping is now:
Domestic: $1.80 for one button and $2.10 for two.
International: $2.00 for one and $2.20 for two.
My paypal acct is coggietm@hotmail.com

I will need shipping info and in comments if you could put your Ravname and the info about what Ravatar(s)you want used. That way I have it all in one place. **

Sorry about the price increase, I am trying to keep it as reasonable as I can so everyone can afford to get their Ravatar button. Remember that part of every button will be donated to Ravelry.com. Thank you for those who have paid a little extra before, as you have allowed me to do the change in shipping without a problem.

I was asked in a PM why I was offering buttons internationally, as not many people are coming for over seas to go to Stitches Mid West. I go to a lot of yarnie meet ups around my area. Not everyone goes to the same meet ups, but most go to one or two throughout the year. Just recently, I went to a Late Night Yarn Party (LNYP) at City Knitting in Grand Rapids, MI. When you walked in, you got a stick on nametag for your name and your Ravname. This was nice, but people still asked what my Ravater looked like (visual lot us knitter are huh). Next month I am going to a Stitch-n-Pitch being hosted by ThreadBear in Lansing, in June another LNYP, and in August, I will be going to both the Michigan Fiber Festival and Stitches Midwest. At all of these, it will be nice to have a button so if someone online recognizes my Ravatar; they know how to get a hold of me later. I am just trying to make it easier for people to recognize each other in person, from an online community.

I want to give a shout out to Sharon of SheKnits Podcast Thank you for talking about the buttons on your latest podcast. You Rock!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so far behind....
but I'm wondering... are there specific Ravatar's from which to choose? or can you use whatever we have as an Avatar?
I clearly need to order me a RavaButton!

Coggie said...

The one you use the most would be my suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Does Ravelry benefit financially from these?

Coggie said...

Hi anonymous,
I just saw your comment, sorry it has taken me so long to respond.

I think on the original blog about starting these buttons I did mention that I would be giving back to Ravelry by doing this :)

Yes, I am giving a portion of proceeds back to Ravelry, as a Ravelraiser. I have donated one portion to them before paying off any of the upstart on my Credit Card. After the 1st I plan to give more and each month from there on as long as I have orders.
Thanks for asking.