22 April, 2008

Great Beginnings

I hope....

The first mailing of buttons went out today. I received the buttons yesterday in the mail and made up a couple for Jess, Casey and Bob of Ravelry(Free as a thank you to them). Then a few more for the people who had paid in advance. This gave me the opportunity to make sure the button machine still worked, as well as finding out how much shipping will be. 1st set of buttons Then I went to the post office today, only to find out that the size envelope I had purchased, was too small to mail. SO I ended up buying a few envelope from the post office , redoing them and sending the packages out. Packaged up

Here is a picture of how my button looks up close: My button
The cost of the button is $2.00
Shipping will be:
Domestic USA : .85 cents
International : $1.25
**Please let me know which Ravatar you want me to use**

I am able to use the ravatar from your profile on Ravelry instead of having you email me a picture. It fits great on the button with room for your name and Ravelry.com at the bottom. If you are interested in purchasing a button, my Paypal is coggietmathotmaildotcom please include your shipping information. If you have any questions, PM me on Ravelry CoggieTM.

On other beginnings, One of our kitties has a new home. Snickers (formerly known as Cali), was picked up by Jim and Lu on Saturday. Snickers New Parents The new parents emailed me photos of her at their home. She is fitting in well. Snickers, new homePlaying with the remoteShe likes it there.
We will miss her , but I am so happy she will be well loved at her new home.

Two more to go, both claimed, we are just holding for the new parents.


itsjustmeghan said...

yeah for buttons! and for kitties in new homes! i'm very jealous of snicker's new owners. she is precious!

Cookey_knits said...

So glad to hear that the little girl found a good home (I love aminals).


knitting2relax said...

Such a cute kitty! Glad the new parents are sending you pictures.