18 April, 2008

Buttons, Name Tags

Hi all,
I have decided to make buttons for Ravatars. A lot of people in Ravelry go to a lot of events around the world. I am headed to Stitches Mid-West in August myself. Doing up buttons with the Ravatar pic and your user name on it will give us all a way of knowing who is there and who they are. I will donate a portion of the proceeds to Ravelry once I cover costs. The Cost I am charging is $2.00 per 2 1/4 inch button. Please know that I am one person and will get the buttons out as I can. Here is a mock up of how mine will look. Coggie Pin

If you are interested in getting a button, PM me on Ravelry (CoggieTM)or email me at coggietm at gmail dot com

Edited to add: I will take a button down to the post office and find out shipping this next week. Then I will post the different amounts. USPS Domestic and International. I have also set up a PayPal account, Coggietmathotmaildotcom
Thank you all for your support.


KC said...

Great Idea! I am glad so many of you from Stitch It sound like you are going to SMW. It is a bit too far for me now. I hope to get to the West Coast one next fall, or whenever it is. Kathy

Coggie said...

I wish you could make it too. I wish I could go to the west coast one. California is home and I would love to go visit family again, but, like you I am stuck at home instead. One day it will be possible to do as we wish. LOL.