17 April, 2008

My missing brain

Hello all,
I was asked in a comment on here, how old are the kittens? I guess my old brain can't add these days because I have been thinking that they are only 4 weeks old. But they were born the last week of last quarters classes, and this quarter is in it's 3rd week , and we had two weeks off ....... so brain dead me ..... the kittens are now 6 weeks old. All of them are box trained and can eat from a dish. So , I think they are ready for their new homes. If you had said you want a kitty, give me a holler and we can set up a time for you to get her. If you need me to keep the baby for a little more time, no worries , we will not give them away if they are promised.

I have decisions to make: I am planning to have a very busy summer this year.
May : my son graduates and has his last concert at the High School, plus finals for us in college.
June: Hubbies and my birthdays as well as our son's Graduation party.
July: The 4th is huge here , we celebrate to a tee, then hubby has Annual training and the 1st week of CGF
August:2nd week of the Coast Guard Festival here in Grand Haven. With the huge craft fair on the first weekend. The second weekend is the Michigan Fiber Festival and the third weekend is Stitches Mid-West in Chicagoland. I am planning to attend all three. Now for the decisions, What classes am I taking where? I have been going over this with Deborah and Valerie because they will be going to Stitches with me. Are we taking the train or driving? What hotel are we staying in? How much money should I set aside from Taxes to be prepared for all of the events in August? UGGG Brain overload!!! can you see now why I couldn't figure out how old the kitties were?

On a good note, I received my bags and beads swap from my partner. Beads and Bags Swap Thank you so much, cannot wait for the pattern at the beginning of next month. Now I need to go finish shopping for my partner.

Believe it or not, I have been trying to type up this blog since about noon today. It is now 330pm. No typing is not hard, just the phone ringing , papers to sign for the HS and general life gets in the way. I promise more photos next time.


ptinglu said...

This is Lu and Jim. And we will be getting Cali who we will be nameing Snickers. If you could send us a email on how to get to your house. We would like to pick her up Sunday afternoon if that works out for you. My email is ptinglu@sbcglobal.net

Amy said...

KaRi- I'm going to take our cat Lucille to the vet on Monday to make doubly-sure we're ready to take on another feline! Can you hold Ewok for me until next weekend- probably Friday the 25'th? THANKS!

Coggie said...

Lu, I will email you.
Amy, No worries we will hold her for you.