15 January, 2008

Working on warm feet

Hello all ,

It is cold. I know for most people 30 degrees out side is not cold, but I am a California girl stuck in the white wonderland of Michigan. Getting up for college is OK , when college classes start at noon, going to get into your car when it snow the night before, sucks. I have a wonderful husband though, we go to classes together, so, he goes out and brushes off both cars, then we leave, drop his car at work and car pool up to the college. He also carries my books at school so I can keep my hands in nice warm mittens. He is such a good guy.

In class we settle down and I pull out my socks. No, not the ones on my feet ( but I knit those too) but the one that is on my needles. As this is only the second week of winter classes , some of my class mates had not seen my knitting before so I get lots of comments before class. I am working on DPN's with Sockotta yarn in a pink and purple colorway.

They are wonderful college knitting , not plain knit ( stockinette in the round) but every 4 rounds they have a bit of lace. Easy enough you can set it down , but simple enough I really don't have to pay attention. I had several ladies ask if I sold my knitting, I told them no, but I am willing to teach them to knit.

On cold days like this warm feet are a must and I thank my stars I know how to knit warm socks.

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