16 January, 2008

6 month check up

Today was check up day for Hubby and I at the Dentist. We had to get up early, okay 9 am, but for second shifters, this is early. While I don't mind going to the dentist, I am afraid of having any work done. Why, it is just a doctor and it is just a check up, but if they find anything I know I am in for pain. I am one of the few who is totally allergic to all kinds of Cains. Yes , Novocaine, marvacaine (sp?)buprovocaine (sp?)and lidocaine(sp?), all of them ( too many to mention and my spelling is off I know sorry) My throat swells shut and I am going for dead before they can stop it. I am supposed to have a bracelet for this but keep forgetting to to purchase one. Anyways, I always have to be sure to get my teeth checked and take really good care of them in between, as in order to even fill a cavity, I am in pain. I sit with my fingers clutching the arms of the exam chair and just bear it. Gas is okay , but it really doesn't dull the pain any.
My exam went well, I leave the room and it is hubbies turn, so I go to sit in the waiting room and knit. The receptionist starts asking me questions about my knitting. I show her the sock I am knitting on and the pair I am wearing (grin) and we talk enough that when hubby is done with his exam, I have a knitting party lined up with a few of the receptionists friends and her. She is going to call me later today and tell me a date so I can get her on my calendar. YAY ME!!

I don't have any new photos of knitting today , but here is a photo of the socks I am wearing . They are made from wonderful Sock That Rock yarn in light weight and the minestone colorway. So yummy on the feet. The pattern is slinky socks that I found on ravelry.com IF you are on there too, look me up. My name is CoggieTM on there.

Now, off to go grocery shopping and pick up my daughter from GREEN club. Have a stitchery day.

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