14 January, 2008

Random Bag almost done

Good morning,

Today after doing my homework that is due in Accounting, I will work some on my Random bag. I am trying to decide if I want to use i-cord handles such as a shopping bag or use the bamboo handles I purchased a couple of years ago. I am thinking the bag might be getting big enough, I want to be able to carry sweaters or an afghan I am working on to sit-n-knit night in it.
My daughter has to be picked up later to go paint the autos shop's windows. Last time I was in for an oil change, she was asked if she could do their windows and update them about the Ladies Night Out they are doing each month. She is excited about having some of her graphics for show. I will see about getting a photo of it.
Now I am off to learn my Accounting, Have a great stitchery day.

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