18 January, 2008

Sweet 16 is tomorrow


Well actually, Sweet sixteen for my daughter was on the 5Th, but we are having her party tomorrow. Today has been filled with shopping for the munchies for the party, picking up the cake... well cake is not cake but cupcakes with all the frosting touching in the shape of a circle and she has a... oh heck I will make her take a picture of it so I can show you all.
Plus we picked up a giant chocolate chip cookie. Then, after getting home from shopping we went on a major cleaning spree. I have sorted yarn into tubs, cleaned the kitchen, bath and living room all ready to have 35 16-18 yr old's here tomorrow.

I have had no knitting time today. This is not normal! But, plus side, while kids are here I can knit my heart out tomorrow. Last night I finished the random bag, it is getting ready now to go into the wash to shrink up.( Have to kick Coco off of it first)
I also turned the heel in my swap socks I am working on, YAY! Talking about swaps.... I received my swap package from my CAaPG swap.
She sent me "clown barf" Lion boucle according to the twist in the swap and a candle with a note that says"So, here is a candle to help you shed a little light on the good that is all around" yummy it is honeydew scent. She sent me three yarn cakes , two that are PapirO 100% cotton that she called my favorite cake of Cherry Chip ( it is so yummy yarn) and another yarn Flutter that she called my German Chocolate cake . She is wonderful and sent me not only dove chocolate but Kahlua filled chocolate , oh yummy!!
Thank you so much Swapner partner from Ravelry.
Now I am off to do Accounting homework. Toodles.

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