29 January, 2008

The Ill's of family

Hi all ,
This has been a wonderful couple of weeks around our house here. Each child has taken up being sick, one after the other and now my husband is down with the flu. I caught a small bit of it, but I think the major illness past me by. I keep telling them it is the super mom germs that we mom's have that keep us from being as sick as anyone else.
During this down time with everyone, I got a bit of knitting done. I finished up my Random bag, but have not gotten photos of that yet, I promise I will get them posted. I finished the Banana Republic knock off hat
As well as one of the socks in my Carolina sock pattern that a swap partner sent me. I really like how it turned out.
I also started on an afghan for my accounting tutor, the class is done in two weeks , I hope to have the afghan to her by end of summer. She has helped me to pass the class. YAY for Tutors!!
This last weekend the old yarn store that close a couple of months ago had a special close out sale on yarn before she started on EBay. I went and picked up over $200 in yarn for about $80. This was with hubbies approval. I picked up enough for 6 pairs of socks , two shawls, and 5 swaps that I am doing through out the year. Awesome sale. I know I had said I wasn't buying anymore yarn until the Fiber-fest in August, but this sale was too good to pass up.
Well that about catches you all up.

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