13 January, 2008

First post

Hello all,
I am not sure if anyone will ever follow me on this but in case someone wants to, I will start with a bit about me.
My name is KaRi, though online I have been known as Coggie for ages, or at least since 1998 when I first came online. I live in Grand Haven , Michigan with my husband and two teenage children. We have one cat named Coco and I would love to get a small dog, but the Husband is against it at this time. Currently I am a college student going for my Bach. in Human Resource Management at Baker College in Muskegon,MI. My husband is in the National Guard and works full time for a tier 2 auto part manufacturer.

Our children are typical teenagers, One is a senior in high school (HS)and is interested in going to college for oral music and plans to teach when he gets done. He has just made the National Honor Choir, has a range from Bass to 1st Tenor and is planning on singing solo for the State competition in April. He was on the HS football team for three years as a defensive tackle and took his senior year off from that to preform in school plays. Last year he was in Bye Bye Birdie and this last fall he was in "The man who came to dinner". Currently he has rehearsal a couple nights a week for " South Pacific". He is also in Chamber choir and ensemble at his HS

My other child is just as awesome, she just turned 16, the sweet 16 party is this Saturday. She is a sophomore at the same school and is also in choir. She sings in the concert choir at 2ND soprano level and in petite ensemble at the alto level. She is at this time rated #1 in her class ( go valedictorian), is very active with GREEN club and plays tennis in the spring. She has a wonderful boyfriend who we have tried to include in the family and has a very active social life.

I have had an msn space for a couple of years, but find that it just doesn't have everything that I want for a blog anymore, so I am going to try to transfer over here. I am very much a yarn lover, I have crocheted since I was 5, when mom taught me and I started knitting just a few years after that. During my teenage years, I had set both crafts aside and just enjoyed my life. Right after I got pregnant with my son, I picked up a crochet hook again and asked mom to show me how to make a broomstick lace afghan for my child. I decided to not know the sex of the baby so I made both pink and blue squares of lace and put together a blanket. I still have that blanket tucked away somewhere, I will pull it out to get a photo soon. But, that was my first adult project as a crocheter.

With knitting, I played with it some in my 20's, basic garter stitch and such, but got serious around 1999. I now am never seen without one or the other with me. I knit in college, at sporting events, at military events, at home, at coffee shops... everywhere. Crochet, unless it is a small project, is mostly done at home. Not because I am ashamed, but because I mostly do afghans and those are too large to take along most places. I am planning on crocheting a bag soon and it will be a take along project.
I was born in California, grew up with a lot for brothers and sisters in a military family. We moved every couple of years throughout my youth and I graduated from Palmdale High school in Southern California. I was married for a short time in my 20's and had my children. I divorced while I was pregnant with the second, and moved back in with my parents for a time. I met my present husband 15 years ago and married him almost 6 years ago. I am the only daughter dad walked down the aisle in his military uniform and I had crocheted my wedding gown. Sadly mom was no longer with us when we got married, we lost her in 99. My dad lived to see us married 5 years, he past away last year 2 days after our anniversary.
In this blog I will talk about my love for knitting and crochet, other crafts I might have going as well as my life, children and husband. I live for passion and love my life. I am going to try to post in here at least once a week and keep things up to date.
Thanks for getting to know me,

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