14 February, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello all,

Happy Valentines Day.

It has been an awesome week for me over on Ravelry.

First off I received my Valentines Day 2008 Swap From RainyDaze. It is awesome how she spoiled me.

She sent so much and made me so happy. My hubby commented that he couldn't compare in gift giving to what I received from her. (Truth told , we only do cards for Valentines as out Anniversary is Feb. 2nd. )

Thank you so much RainyDaze :). I do feel really bad for her though, she received no package from her partner. This was not a swap where we were paired. I did my part and sent to my partner, though I have not heard from her and I so hope she has received it (according to tracking it got there a while ago). I have asked to be a "Swap Angel" if need be , so I know one way or another she will get spoiled.

My other good thing that happened to me is I received my Crabby Crafter February Swap package in the mail today. She again spoiled me. Thank you again Andreavis!

As this was a known partner swap , we had communicated with each other, so I received mine today and she should get hers tomorrow. I was going to mail out on Monday, but couldn't because of the bad storm that hit the area. Yes I am a California girl and I don't drive in ice, snow and yuck that Michigan seems to have each February. So on Wednesday I was finally able to get it in the post and I sent it two day Priority mail. I hope she feels as spoiled as I feel.

On swaps , I love them , it makes it feel like Christmas all year long. I need to get better about the aesthetics of my boxes. I have just been putting stuff in a box and putting a card , then mailing. But the two I received this week made me think. They took the time to wrap , used tissue paper , put confetti, personal touches and such. I can do this , I just never thought about it, why I don't know. But, you learn something new everyday, and this is my new today.

Another exchange I am in is not on Ravelry, but on Homemakers Cozy Cottage. Sherri-Ann has been spoiling me this last week too. I received a hand made Valentines days card, a post card about Nova Scotia and a Chowder Bowl that has a pretty sea side row on it.
Thank you so much Sherri Ann

I did have finals this week in one of my college classes, Accounting is done !! Woohoo!! I think I passed the class with a B, but I am waiting for my final grade. It was a very hard class and because of it I am not sure I ever want to take another online class. The in person class I am taking had midterm this week and I have an A so far.

Knitting this week, I have been working on the shawl for the choir teacher. I have named it Lemon & Violet as the instructors name is Mrs. Lemon. I have Knit in Public with this a lot this week , between choir last Thursday, college knitting today and it has become my take along project as my socks are in time out.

I also have been working on the huggable hedgehog from Fibertrends. http://www.fibertrends.com/viewer/V7_toys.html I am using Cascade 220 in light pink and a pastel eyelash for the fur. My niece has a two year old who needs a snuggles from Great Aunt KaRi (man I feel old now). I have also been working on a wash cloth that has hearts on it and trying to find a baby blanket pattern I want to make up for my other niece who is pregnant now.

It has been a good week for me , I hope it has been a good week for you also. Please post a comment if you actually read this , I am wondering if I am talking to myself.


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