01 August, 2016

WLS - Michigan Meet & Greet

Met wonderful people are walking the path I have walked for almost a year. 
Too much fun! 
I left home about 8am. After stopping for coffee I was on my way to pick up Deborah and head to the Meet & Greet
A sign at the coffee house. 

This wonderful lady and I shared the same good taste in coffee. She is wonderful and I can't wait to see her again! 
Lunchtime fun. Yummy BBQ 
A picture to capture the group

Had to get the narwhals in the photo too! 
Wish I had talked to everyone more! 
Facebook will help to make friendships stronger. 
Not all flattering for me, but I know I have a bit to go. Keep it real! Friends don't judge! 

A walk on a different pier was a must! 
A year ago I would never have started this walk. The wind was making splashing waves against the pier. 
After, we headed to a bookstore for a cool drink and knitting. 
It was great to catch up. 
Dinner was at a brewery. Food was okay, company was wonderful! 
After, we gathered for more talking and a bit of bonfire. 
(Photo by Kim) 
Hugs all around then I headed out.
 I got home about midnight. 
What a fun day! 

Having people you don't have to explain your tiny tummy to is good.
Making new friends is priceless! 

Hopefully some of us can get together again before another year passes. 
Thank you for allowing me to join your group. 

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