14 July, 2016

Week 41: When all else fails...

Take measurements. 
I have been feeling sort of down because I'm bouncing the same numbers and have still not hit 100 pounds down. I know I shouldn't compare, but I watch others that lose 100 in 6 months and I get discouraged. I have to remember that the first 6 months everything was the surgery because I couldn't exercise. 3 months in I had another abdominal surgery that took 3 months to heal. But dang it, I have been feeling like a failure. Then, I saw my measuring tape sitting on the table. I may not be losing weight, but I am still losing inches! 20.75 inches across my different body parts I have kept track of. Bust, waist, belly and hips lost the most as well as my thighs. I'm a bit happier. 
Last night I tried a new fruit since surgery. I spent a while with dumping. I love fruit but it just takes tiny Tazzy time to get used to each one. Because I was feeling off, I did not go to college. In the long run, I think I have been stressing too much about school and I need to take a step back and reevaluate how I am treating me. I come first. Yes, I need to graduate but I don't need to graduate so bad I hurt my health. Everything in moderation. 
I have started walking in between classes. I was missing my 2 mile walk and the last 2 days I have walked the campus so I get that in. This has been my happy.
How have you found your happy today? 

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