23 July, 2016


I did this back in 2011. It's update time. 

A: Attitude. I have one. 
B: Bariatric patient- Surgery was 9/30/15
C: College student. Not sure for how much longer. 
D: Disorganized. Yep, type B personality and all that. My house is always cluttered and I am always to trying to fix that but get distracted and find things that are more fun than cleaning.
E: Eleanor. My aunt that I always wanted to be like. She did what she wanted, when she wanted but was very grounded and much of a Grande Dame.
F: Fashion Train. I think I got off this a long time ago. I like ease and comfort even when I have to dress up. My go to clothes are leggings and a top. 
G: Gramma (not Grandma- no kids pronounce it like that) 
H: History. This is a passion of mine. I love to learn what has happened in the past.
I: Internet- the place I have met most of my friends before meeting them in person. 
J: Jeremy is my son. I am proud of how he has landed on his feet in the life choices he has made.
K: Knitter. Yes, with a capital K. I also crochet, spin, weave and tat.
L: Laughter. I love to laugh. A day without laughter is a lost day to me.
M: Married. I am married to the most wonderful man, who at times can drive me completely nuts. I would not change this for anything!
N: Not shy. I am a people person. I like crowds but do not like to be the center of attention.
O: Opinionated. If you ask for it, I will give it to you. If you don't like my answer, ask someone else.
P: Podcaster. I host The High Fiber Podcast.
Q: Quilter. I learned last year. 
R: Rain. The smell of, the patter from. Calming. 
S: Student. I attend Baker College online and in Muskegon. I hope to be finished up by spring 2017.
T: Teal or turquoise. My power colors.
U: Unique. One of a kind.
V: Veronica is my daughter. She is quirky and fun and I love her so. So proud of the lady she has become. 
W: Winner- afraid of failure. 
X: eXercise. I try to exercise everyday. I am getting better at it as I have to for my health. I like dancing, walking and yoga. 
Y: Yarn. I love yarn. I use it, collect it, make it, admire it, pet it...yeah I am addicted to it.
Z: Zeal for life. 

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