03 January, 2016

Week 13 - a little late

On December 28th I had surgery to remove Barnacle Bill the cyst. It was an open operation a lot like a c-section. The doctor removed a baby basket ball sized cyst and my left ovary. I was told it weighed about 8 lbs and was 7" in diameter. Bigger than I had envisioned. 
I came out of anesthesia on a morphine push. I was feeling pretty good and I didn't have to move because of the bags hanging off my bed. 
Being stoned off my ass, I was okay with not moving! 
I was in the hospital for two nights. The nurses were wonderful and my doctor came to see me each day. Dr.O. (Cannot spell or pronounce her last name), said I was ready to go home on the 30th. 

Sarge picked me up before work then Boo came and sat with me so I was not alone. I slept, so really it wasn't a hard task for her. I came home on Hycet- basically liquid norco. It is good for taking the edge off the pain but I have to be sure to take it every 4 hours. I'm also on HRT patch, something else to get used to. 
A c-section when you have a child is much easier to deal with because ones focus is on the baby instead of healing. Yeah, I'm focused on healing. It's not as fun. 
I'm not allowed to exercise.
I'm not allowed to drive.
I'm not allowed to sleep on my side.
I'm not allowed to do anything but sit or lie down. 
I don't have the brain power to knit. Oh, I was able to knit garter stitch, but cannot wrap my brain around how to sew up the tube to make the hat. I am able to knit plain on socks but after 3 rows I am falling asleep. 
I can listen to an audio book, well, I  can listen to 10 minutes of an audio book then I am falling asleep. 
I am catching up on video podcasts, but having to watch 2-3 times so I catch them all. 
I know, 1st world problems...I have them! 
I knew I would gain weight with a surgery. 16 lbs was not what I expected. However, a week out and I am only 2 lbs up from my pre surgery weight last week. I knew it was fluids and gassy stuff. 
I'm still in a lot of pain. Part of that is because I know I am not getting enough protein in to heal properly. For healing I should be between 70 and 100 grams of protein. I'm maybe getting 45. I just don't feel like eating. When I do eat, I can't eat much. So, instead I'm focusing on liquids because the Hycet needs to go through the kidneys. Lots of water, lemon water, hot drinks such as apple cider, coffee and teas. 
Oh, I got an order from DAVIDsTEA. I haven't tried it yet, but it sure looks yummy. 
I'll give my review soon. 
I now need to go take more meds and try to get some rest. 
The boys have been keeping me company most of today. 
Happy 2016 to all. 
I look forward to being much healthier this year than last. 

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