08 October, 2015

One week post surgery

Yes, I'm writing this a day late. It happens.
My scale says I am now into the 200's. I hope the doctors scale agrees. 
I had a busy day that started with a bit of grocery shopping and ended with me being in the recliner because I did too much. I need to pace myself. It was also the first time since surgery that I was actually hungry. I couldn't eat anything but my protein drinks, broth and decaf tea (lots of water too) but I really wanted to chew on something. I think this is brain hunger and not tummy hunger. I settled for casting off the slippers I was making for one sister and casting on slippers for another sister. 
The tapes that are covering my incisions are starting to fall off. Everything itches. I don't want to be whiny but that is what is going on. I'm healing, I want to do more but when I do more, I am wiped. I'm sure it will all even out in the next week or two. 

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