04 October, 2012

Jammie Pants!

It took two days and lots of frustrations with my sewing machine, but I now have a new pair of PJ pants.
I used this pattern


and cut everything out like I was supposed to


Only right side out. Oops!

I set up the sewing machine and sat down to sew.
I had a few problems and asked friends on Plurk for help and discovered that I put my bobbin in backwards. Who knew that something as small as this

Would drive me to drink!


See all those strings, yeah. I quit for the night!

The next day I was off an going with very little problems.
I had never done an inseam before, so the curve threw me a bit


But everything got all sewn up.

I even made my first button holes.


I still need to get some ribbon to put in the pants for a draw string, but they fit great.


What? Did you really expect a picture of me in the pants? Yeah, that's not happening!


Katie Johnson said...

bobbins drive me batty too

Cherie said...

You made me smile so much when I read this. It reminded me of my fist attempt many years ago.

jennifer anderson said...

i wish i could sew, i want to learn how to sew.