01 September, 2012

Crap room to Craft room - take 2

The cleaning of my crap room probably would not have happened this year if it were not for Knittin' in the Mitten coming up. I am getting donations and I need a spot to put them.
These last 3 months since Sarge left, I have been going places and doing things, but when I get home the pretty yummy stuff I purchased, just got thrown in the crap room with intentions of cleaning it and sorting later. Well, This weekend is later and here is what happened:
(not the best photos, taken with my iTouch, but it was what I had handy)

Everything pulled off the floor of the crap room and brought out to the living room. (Note: this does not include all my fiber that is already sorted in the craft cubes.)


I sorted everything by fiber size and style.


Pulled out all my WIPs (work in progress) and PIGS (projects in grocery sacks)


Then sorted the fiber into the correct cubes in the CRAFT room.


CRAP room to CRAFT room is almost complete. I still need to sort the desk out.

Either I need to knit, crochet and spin faster or I need to stop making purchases for a while.

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