19 July, 2012

Hodgepodge on Thursday

1. The Summer Olympics begin next week and London is playing host. If you had the chance to go in person which (non-Olympic) London site would you most like to visit?

Buckingham Palace.

2. What is something in your life right now that feels like an Olympic event?

I think my life is a triathlon right now. Getting through this deployment, getting healthy and getting uncluttered. Maybe by the time Sarge comes home, I will be a finalist.

3. What's your favorite supper to prepare and serve when it's too hot to cook?

Finger food trays. Cheeses, fruits, salami, crackers, hummus, veggies.

4. July 18th is National Get Out of the Doghouse Day...when was the last time you were 'in the doghouse'?

Oh my, sometimes I think I have a room reserved in the dog house. I put myself there more than anyone else. I am trying to get better at closing my mouth and listening instead of jumping to conclusions and causing problems.

5. What television advertisement do you find particularly irritating or inappropriate? You may not answer with 'all of them'. I know some of you were thinking about it.

I haven't watched real TV with advertisements in a while.

6. Share one piece of interesting news from the year you were born.

Man set foot on the moon the year I was born.

7. What's the best part of your average day?

Relaxing with a cuppa while skyping with my husband. We don't get to do this every day, but when we do, it is the best part of the day.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

A car does not run correctly if you don't get its oil changed. I was driving home from Northern Michigan yesterday when I discovered I was almost a thousand miles over on that. Now, I don't worry too much, as I use a synthetic blend that can go up to 5000 miles and I am only at 4000 right now (we normally change at 3000 miles). But it got me thinking, a car is not the only thing that needs maintenance. It is time for me to get a pedicure and maybe a massage. The changing of the oil makes a car run smoother and longer. The taking care of my feet make me walk more and a massage lets me get through a few weeks stress free. I think as I plan the next few weeks, I will be adding these things to the calendar.

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