08 May, 2012

Big changes- Plan of attack!

Today, Boo and I joined Weight Watchers. We have both decided to get healthier while Sarge is away. I know I need to reduce my size by half and boo needs to reduce hers by a third. We will both have struggles, but Weight Watchers program has been proven to work if you stick with it. I figure I will use this year to get me conditioned to eating healthy and exercising regularly.

We have also decided to do a major purge of the house. Today we started with the dining room and 2 huge trash bags came from just that room. The table is cleared off, the counter/bar can be used and once I move the treadmill back into the living room, the room will be cleared of everything that doesn't belong there.

The rest of this week will be spent in the kitchen and living room. I am thinking of pulling everything out of my cabinets and if I use the item in the next month (other than holiday items) they go back in the cabinet. If I haven't used it, it goes to Goodwill. In the living room, we are going to pull everything out, steam clean and then put stuff back that belongs in that room. I hope to be able to order new furniture soon, so I want to set up the room in a way that will work with the new couches.

Next week, I plan on tackling my room, the walk in closet and the master bath. I need to purge the stuff we don't use and fix/replace a few of the drawers in the master bath. I am admitting I hate to fold laundry and put it away. I have a pile of clothing in my room that needs to be folded and either purged or put away. I would rather clean the cat box than fold clothing. I need to train myself to fold as it comes out of the dryer and put it away instead of stacking it on top of the dressers. Really- my drawers are empty and I have two dressers!! I am going to spend the next year training myself to be clutter free! During this week, Boo will be working on her room and the main bathroom.

The final week of cleaning is going to be geared toward the easiest room in the house, the craft room. I tend to keep this room cleaner, as we only go into it when we need to. However, I would love to be able to actually spin in that room instead of having to pull my wheel out to the living room.

These are the goals for this household. I hope we can accomplish them and stick with it through out the next year.


Kristyn said...

Good luck with your organizing. I need to work on several areas in my house as well.

Retired Knitter said...

Great goals. All of them will make you feel better.

And just las year my daughter and I went on Weight Watchers. It is a healthy diet choice. And we were both successful.

Clare said...

I have heard good things about weight watchers, and I have had some success with flylady.com to help with my clutter and cleaning issues. When I stick with it, it works. Good luck to both you and Boo, and I'll be praying for Sarge.

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