24 January, 2012

New lessons for Gramma

The grandbabies came over on Sunday (with the parents but yeah- I am a Gramma now *big grin*) to watch the football game with us. It was the Giants at the 49er's which made it a huge game in our house. Sarge is a Giants fan and I am a 49er's fan. We had Chili dogs for munchies and I thought I had made the house kid proof. Yeah- I suck!
Little Miss Z sat on the couch and helped us cheer the teams on
Little MIss Z
While Lil' Bear was a going concern
Lil' Bear
After playing on the floor and scooting all over (about ready to crawl), he discovered my spinning wheel.
I told him it was Gramma's and he could not touch.
Gramma's wheel is not a toy!
So he ignored it for a minute
then when he thought he could get away with it
Lil' Bear doesn't listen
And I hollered
Little miss Z had not heard Gramma holler before
Little Miss Z is not used to hearing Gramma say no
But Grampa saved lil' Bear
Grampa saved him
and put him to watching the game again
I love my grandbabies and need to really baby proof next time they come over.

What I knit during the game?
Lacy Cardi
A lacy Cardi for Little Miss Z. (Pattern to come)
She wanted me to knit faster so she could wear it home. It is now blocking and she will get it soon.
Oh- and the Giants won!

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