15 December, 2011


I posted a few items the other day and I just want to say I should not have called them finished objects. I don't feel something is finished until it is blocked and ready to wear. Blocking softens up the fabric as well as making all the stitches go where they are supposed to be. It makes the item crisp, but not crunchy.
Here are the before/after pictures of what I have finished this week.

Bandana cowl- Before
Bandana Cowl Unblocked

During blocking

Bandana cowl

Hogwarts express- Before
Hogwarts express Unblocked

During blocking
Hogwarts express blocking

Hogwarts ready to wear

ready to wear
Hogwarts express

Mantle before
Mantle unblocked

During blocking
Mantle blocking

After- ready to wear
Mantle ready to wear

I also crocheted up a quick fuzzy cowl. I din't take before pictures.
Thick- quick cowl

Yes, I have blocking wires, mats, boards and such. I just didn't want to pull them out yesterday. I T-pinned the shawls to the hall wall and just laid out the cowls on the freezer. Do whatever you have to do but please, block your projects as it brings them to really being finished.

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