22 November, 2011

Permission Slip

We all suffer through the holidays. I have been reading both Twitter and Plurk the last couple of days and find a lot of my friends are having stress over the upcoming holiday. Family stresses about going somewhere, not going somewhere, dietary issues that might arise. What I wonder is if people are really wanting to be part of a holiday where you are miserable or if this is just the tradition that they feel they must adhere.
Well here is your permission slip to say no!
Get off the guilt train and declare you are no longer on track with their trip. As it is their trip, not yours. You do not have to be miserable this holiday season! You can be happy! Start your own tradition for the holiday. Gather your friends or just your family (if you have moved on and have one) and have a day that you can enjoy.
Don’t feel like you can cook a turkey (it is very easy) then get turkey breast, cutlets or even a chicken or Cornish hen for one. If you don’t like bird, make what ever the heck you want to make! (Lasagna anyone?) If you like stuffing but not yams- DO IT! Enjoy yourself.
Here is how the family here does it:
MIL/FIL likes to go to a buffet- so they go.
BIL/SIL likes to hold a dessert party in the evening- so they do- not required to attend.
SIL x2 like to go where they are invited by friends or family and this works.
I normally host Thanksgiving, but this year my son is, so we will go there and I will make a turkey breast on Friday or Saturday for leftovers. I will also make cranberry sauce and Stuffin’ Muffins for the day of, but that is not a big deal and we like it.
If you want to watch football, the parades, or movies, do so. If you want to BBQ the bird and have a game of horseshoes, do so. If you want to curl up in the corner of your couch reading a book or knitting all day, do so. This holiday is not about family- It is about giving thanks. This means thanking yourself for being the person that you are and allowing yourself to enjoy the day as much as everyone else.
This is your permission slip to be happy on Thanksgiving and do what you really want to do. Enjoy!


wooliegirl said...

What a blessing you just gave so many people! I agree with you and I am learning and practicing saying no and trying to put myself first for my health, happiness and sanity. Thank you for these words!!

Mim58 said...

Bless your heart! Giving thanks is the important part of this holiday. Many people need to hear your message.

Coggie said...

Feel free to link this.

weebug said...

well said and well written!