06 September, 2011

Labor day Weekend

Thoughts carried our family forward last week while we planned for the holiday weekend. Sarge was going to have two days off in a row and we were going to spend time together. Boo had just started back to college and had plans with her boyfriend and their friends and Bear is coaching football, so he was tied up with little ones. Big plans, nice dreams.
What happened instead was not anything any of us had planned.
I got a phone call about 5pm on Friday that I never want to get again. Boo had just left with her boyfriend in his car to head out to his house to study and then I think they were planning on a bonfire. Well, they got to the end of the main road we live off of and were turning onto the road that takes them to his house...and they got into an accident.
The phone call went like this..
Boo, " Mom please get up and come help me we have been in an accident."
Me, "Are you ok, hae you called 911? "
Boo," No, I called you first, we cannot move."
Me, "where are you?"
Boo,"(name of intersection), off duty police officer is here, please come mom!!"

I only stopped to call Sarge as I was finding my shoes and purse. I jumped in the car and headed to where she was. I did not take my camera, I did not think to take my camera, all I could think of getting to Boo. He met me at the scene and held me together.

I now wish I had the camera.

They had to cut the car to get the kids out.
Here is what it looked like after.
Boo's side of the car

Boyfriends side of the car

The skid marks

Watching people you love pulled from a car is hard. All I wanted to do was hold my little girl, but I knew to stay out of the way and let the professionals do thier jobs.
Everyone in the other car walked away.
Here is a shot of Boo after they gave her painkillers.
We spent 7 hours at the hospital getting everything checked out.

Both kids are home and on the mend now.
Thank the Lord.
We spent the rest of the weekend at home.
Our weekend did not go as planned, but everyone is alive.
Please be safe driving.


Jenn said...

Oh my word. I'm tearing up looking at the pics. I can only imagine what you all went through. I'm so glad they are okay.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. What a scary time for you! Praise the Lord that everything is okay. I know that your mothering instincts are at full throttle, and that Boo of yours will be 100% in no time. Hugs to all of you!!

Retired Knitter said...

How terrible and very very scary.

Shorty said...

I'm so glad everyone was ok! I have chills after reading your description. So glad everyone is well!