17 July, 2011

Yellow Ribbon Event

This weekend Sarge and I had to go to Grand Rapids to attend a yellow ribbon event for his unit.

We stayed at the Amway Grand.

The view from our 9th floor room when we checked in

View out our window, morning 1st day

Lunch at the event

Carrot heart

For dinner we went to a local Tapas bar

Tapas Bar

Where sarge had his first Scrumpy since coming home

Sarge's 1st Scrumpy

and I had one too (this is what helped me get through the evening)

My Scrumpy

Crappy photo of us, but the only one I have of the night

Sarge and I 7/16

Walking back to the hotel I saw one building reflecting off another. Thought it was cool.

Downtown GR

After dinner drink were had and then we headed back to the hotel room.
This was the "after sunset" view

10 pm out our window

Then up very early on Sunday

530 am view

We decided to get breakfast on our own. I am very happy we did as this was the best coffee of the weekend.

Best cuppa all weekend

Sarge and I needed it!!

Sarge is much happier after his 1st cup
Sipping mine

This was our view at the breakfast table

View from our breakfast table

We walked off breakfast on the riverwalk before heading back to the conference.

On the river walk
On the river walk

After the Yellow Ribbon Event, we went across the river

Looking back at the hotel

to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.


The first lady past away last week and the books were still out for signatures. We signed and then went out to the final resting place.



Sarge liked this eagle that is outside the museum.


The calm was only interrupted by the fountain which gave the place both a peaceful feeling and soothing noise.


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