28 July, 2011

Room Make Over- Part 1

This last week has been spent with the goal of a Crap room to Craft room makeover.

When I walked into our spare room this is what I used to see

Crap room - before102_1898

Wall to wall boxes, bags and crap! I only had a path to the closet.
This did not make myself or my husband very happy.
So, we pulled everything out into the livingroom


I then went through all the paperwork boxes (14 total) and sorted for shred, keep and trash. I only kept 1/2 a box to be filed.

Then I started sorting my fiber and yarn. It took up all of the dining room and part of the livingroom. I reduced by half, giving 4 totes to a local nursing home and about the same to Good Will. I believe I still have some in boxes I have yet to go through.

Then we started the rebuild of the craft not crap room.

2 sets of these shelves went up in one wall.


another will go up on the facing wall, but before it could, we needed to set up storage cubes for my fiber and yarn. I started them last night and gave up after putting four together. I went to bed and was dreading having to put the rest of them together this morning. My loving husband took pity on me and had them all put togther and set up this morning. He even went to far to leave me a card. (I guess I was a bit grumpy last night and now I feel guilty.)


He even set them up so the corner was not accessable by the cats.

I do love that man!!

This morning I have spent time putting some of my books away


and putting the yarn I have found so far up in the cubes.


We do need to purchase another set of cubes, then we will set up the other bookcase.

My livingroom still looks like hell blew up in there, but I am determined to have this finished by next week.


Heather said...

Wow! Looks great! I'm envious of your stash too. What a sweet sarge to help out! Can't wait to see finished pics.

Pam said...

That's going to be a wonderful crafts room. I love the bins!

I was going to turn my son's room into a craft room when he moved out last year. I never got around to it, and stuff got in there a little at a time. Now it's just a junk room. I really need to do something with it.

wooliegirl said...

Amazing! I thought I loved your shelf and then I saw the bins, now I am envious! Those are a great idea for yarn and fiber. I would enjoy just sitting and petting my fiber in their cubes.

Retired Knitter said...

Wow, I am way impressed. I am a long time listener to you pod cast but a recent follower on your blog.

Something must be in the air, because since February we have been doing something similar. We have lived in our townhouse for 25 years - had 2 mothers move in with us during different times, and both kids move back home at different times. When you add all that stuff together along with all the stuff we collected ourselves, it is monstrous. We are cleaning out big time. Giving alot to Good Will, throwing some out, giving some stuff away. It is a very good feeling while we are doing it and it is a wonderful feeling to have space opening up on our house.

keep on going you are doing a great job.

Retired Knitter