27 April, 2011

Hodgepodge Wednesday

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1. What is something that bothers you if it is not done perfectly?

If you are going to set a table for dinner, set it right. My parents had us set a table every night for dinner. Forks on a napkin at the left of the plate. Knife on the right, blade facing the plate and spoon on the outside. If desert was going to be served, the dessert utinsil was placed at the top of the plate flat. It bothers me if all the utinsils are all on one side or if one is missing. Not that I set a table very often anymore, it is just a pet-peeve of mine.

2. What is one of your best childhood memories?

Flying in planes with my dad. Going places, doing touch-n-go's, Just being free. I still love to fly and I think about my dad everytime I go up in a plane.

3. Do you plan to watch the Royal Wedding and when was the last time you wore a hat?

Yes, I plan to watch the Royal Wedding. I love watching romance as it blooms, I hope it works out for this couple. Last time I wore a het, hmmm, winter hats occasionally get worn, but that is it. I do not have the face shape to pull off all the cute hats that everyone wears.

4. Where do you fall in the birth order in your family? Do you think this has influenced your personality?

I am the baby. Yes my personality shows that. I am spoiled and I am also OK with that!

5. Where do you think you spend most of your money?

On fibery goodness or on my cars. Two passions that work well for me.

6. When you need to confront someone would you rather communicate in person, on the phone, by email or by letter? Why?

I don't like to confront people, but if I do have to, then I prefer face to face.

7. Dodge ball, freeze tag, kickball or jump rope? You have to pick one.

Kickball, though I have not played in years. We had a game a couple of years ago with friends and it was just good old fashioned fun.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Last Saturday we had the baby shower for Ms. Bear.


The cake:


Little Miss Z had a new party dress

Party Dress

I made a tie blanket in Polka Spots

Baby blanket
Polka Spots

And got Little E some outfits


Lots more pictures, I just haven't had time to edit them all. I will be making up a photo book for Ms. Bear.


auburnchick said...

Unfortunately, schools don't teach Home Ec anymore. I took it, but I already knew how to set a table properly.

LOVE that blanket you made! So pretty and warm!

Joyce said...

I like a table set correctly too...and that cake is adorable!!