01 March, 2011

Shearing Day

This last Saturday was shearing day at Shady Side Farm.
They sheared the poly pay to get ready for lambing.
The guy who was shearing was way too fast for me to get a good photo.

The Suffolk sheep had already been sheared in December

and had little lambs hopping all over

New born Lamb

Fuzzy I know...you try keeping two lambs still.


Lorrie got to hold a lamb
Lorrie and Lamb

and here is what happened not 15 minutes later
Oh crap!

I went to demo spinning in the shop.

Big balls of wool!


Rita from Yarn Hollow and Beth from the Spinning Loft were there.

Rita and Beth

I spun on Lona's Ashford Country Spinner. Love it!!
Look at the size of that bobbin!

Test spinning

Deborah tried it out too!
Country spinning wheel

After the day of letting everyone who wanted to help me spin (such joy getting people into new hobbies!!) I have 150 yards of super bulky polypay yarn.


There was a lady showing needle felting

Needle felting

I loved this purse!

Horse bag

And sock machine knitting

Sock machine
Chris was spinning on her Victoria

Spinning fun
Lorrie was spinning on her Journey Wheel

Lorrie spinning

There were cows outside

They came up and posed.
Good Cows!!

We went to New Holland Brewery for lunch after

The Rubens are so good!!

Ruben for lunch
Thank you to Mike and Lona of Shady Side Farm for allowing me to participate.
I can't wait for next year!!


wooliegirl said...

I have never seen a sock knitting machine before! How interesting it looks. But I really want the lamb and your sandwich :)

KnitNurd said...

What a fun day it looked to be for you, and I love the way you tell it mostly with pictures!! Thank you for sharing!!!