20 March, 2011

Saturday and a Super Moon

Saturday I woke up to this outside

no snow

Yeah not the best yard...but NO SNOW!!!

So I decided to take advantage of having the windows open and I washed up a few skeins of handspun yarn.


Then I started spinning on new yarn
This is Beach day- Batt from Uniquely Yours!- 3 oz

Day at the beach

I am going to three ply it with Pink Polypay

Pink Polypay

Later, after working on a report most of the day for college, Boo and I went outside to see the Super Moon. It is not that impressive in my picture, but it was pretty and to spend a few moments with my daughter was amazing!!

Super moon

It makes me think of this song

I know who I was thinking ofSarge...and according to his email this morning, he was thinking of me as well.

1 comment:

wooliegirl said...

Your handspun is beautiful (my favorite are the blues)! And I hate I missed the moon..I forgot.
Hmmmm polypay, I need to try this.