06 November, 2010

Yard Fairies

About 11 am this morning, I heard a bunch of kids in my yard. Wondering what was going on, I opened the door and looked out.

They were raking my yard.

Someone signed me up to have my yard raked at a local church. The youth pastor came up to me and told me I was on the list because my husband was deployed.

Thank you to the person who signed me up!!

I asked if it was ok to take pictures and blog about it. He granted permission

Yard Fairies
Yard Fairies

I gave the kids two boxes of cookies that I had in the cabinet for all their hard work.

Now...where are the laundry, bathroom and cat box fairies?

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auburnchick said...

What a wonderful thing to do!! I am so glad that they surprised you!!

Janeen Puckett said...

That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us! Isn't it great when people see your need and meet it!